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Hi, my name is Pavel Morozov.
I`m an independent filmmaker, I teach screenwriting and camera work. I`m the ambassador of Lomo Illumina.

I want to introduce you to these wonderful lenses and talk about their features on this site.


High quality optics, with an ultra-fast effective aperture of T1.3, could compare to some of the best and most expensive in the industry. At the same time we want our lenses to be affordable to a professional cinematographer.

Illumina s35 lenses offer performance on par with some of the best and most expensive lenses in the industry, while being significantly lower in price. This was the main challenge assigned to the LOMO optical design Bureau (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Luma Tech, Inc. (USA) engineers when creating this series. Glass that is used as optical elements is provided to LOMO by Schott (Germany).

Independent tests were carried out in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands with the participation of professional cinematographers. It was confirmed that the optical performance of Illumina s35 lenses is on par with the world's leading manufacturers.



  • 14mm/T1.9
  • 18mm/T1.3
  • 25mm/T1.3
  • 35mm/T1.3
  • 50mm/T1.3
  • 85mm/T1.3
  • 135mm/T1.8

Lenses are designed for shooting in Super 35 format. High resolution and T1.3 aperture enables independent filmmakers and studios to make their most daring creative ideas come true when producing a cinematic image.

  • Lens mount : PL
  • Minimum image circle covers the 5.5K (15x30mm) formats
  • Front Diameter : 95mm (except 14 mm)
  • Suppression of flare and reflections
  • 9-blade Iris diaphragm
  • Focus Movement Rotation: 270 degrees
  • Weight from 1.4 to 2.3 kg




  • 18mm/T1.3
  • 25mm/T1.3
  • 35mm/T1.3
  • 50mm/T1.3
  • 85mm/T1.3

Illumina s35 MKIII lenses have an improved build quality and optical performance, dust protection of interior surfaces, and a matte covering on the aperture blades.



Lomo Soviet anamorphic lenses are known around the world. They are considered as rarities. The new application is available for a test shooting to all owners of ILLUMINA s35 cine lenses.



Established 1914.

The optical-mechanical association, known today as LOMO, has been operating in St. Petersburg on Chugunnaya Street for more than a hundred years. High precision optical equipment is developed there for the defense and space industries, medicine and robotics.

Lomo provided the Soviet film industry with high-quality professional optics, using which film masterpieces were born, that are known all over the world today. «The Cranes Are Flying», «Ivan's Childhood», «The Color of Pomegranates» and other films have created a special «Soviet look» which became a part of world cinema history.

Since 2009, Lomo has been producing the Illumina s35 ultra-fast professional lenses developed jointly with LumaTec Inc. (USA). They combine commitment to the traditions of the company, high quality and competitive prices.


For several years we have been teaching young adults the basics of cinematography using these particular lenses in collaboration with Lomo and Panasonic. Hundreds of future cameramen have the opportunity to use real operator tools, thanks to our «Luchkino» project.

Even if a photographic lens is made in a “cinematic” design and has a PL mount and costs a lot of money, it does not provide such image quality and ease in usage than a cinema optics. It is important for us to give students an idea of the real technical and artistic possibilities of filming.

Exactly these kits of optics are used to train operators not only at the Russian VGIK, but also at Scottsdale College (USA), Virginia Tech (USA), FSU (Florida State University, USA), York University (Canada), Confederation College (Canada), Ryerson University (Canada), NFB (National Film Board of Canada), LIFT (Liaison of Independent Film Makers of Toronto, Canada).


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Any repair or maintenance, including warranty, occurs at the Lomo factory. If you have any problems with Lomo optics, contact us, we will help.s


Buying cine lenses is a great investment in professional tools. Such optics are not getting cheaper and there are only a few companies capable of producing them.

If you have any questions, want to test or purchase lenses at the lowest price, or order one of our training courses for your studio or film school, fill out the feedback form or call us:s +7 920 969 2073

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